Dragon Naturally Speaking 11 – Put Your Writing on Steroids!

Writing – especially if you write for a living – needs both QUALITY and QUANTITY. The first is usually easier to achieve, and the challenge then is how to increase your writing output without any decline in quality.

Most of us can’t keyboard our words even close to as fast as we can talk – or think.

Some time back, I ran into a voice recognition program called Dragon Naturally Speaking. At that time, it was on one of its fairly early versions, but even then, I found that it helped me break through the limitations of keyboarding (even though I’m reasonably fast on my trusty wireless keyboard).

After a few minutes of training it to recognize my own voice, I could speak my “writing” directly into Microsoft Word – and at a MUCH faster rate than ever before. In fact, tests have Crazy Bulk Steroids for BulkingĀ  shown that on current versions of Dragon, it is three times faster than keyboarding! Watching your words pouring out on the screen in Word, as fast as you speak them, is truly gratifying and never gets old!

Since that early version, the accuracy of Dragon Naturally Speaking has also steadily increased with every new version. Most people find that they can easily achieve at least a 99 percent accuracy rate after a short period of voice training. You spend little to no time “tweaking” or editing the finished file.

Dragon Naturally Speaking 11 comes in four versions: Home, Premium, Professional, and Legal. If you use a digital voice recorder, as I do, the Premium is the best choice, as it makes it possible to dictate into the recorder for later transcription. Professional is available for networked offices, and Legal adds some special tools designed for the legal community.

As a writer, I enjoy the dramatic boost Dragon gives to my writing – whether a book manuscript, a blog post, or an article for Internet marketing. With this amazing software, I can have the best of both worlds – quality AND quantity!