Making Money Online – The Basic Techniques

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You may have seen tons of ads online about how this person or that person made thousands per week by game and earn and they hold up cheques to show you the evidence with big grins on their faces. The simple truth is that mostly, these ads are scams. You only have to dig slightly beneath their surface if you know how to to see this.

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The simple thing is not to let that put you off making money online because indeed it is possible to do it and many have made a very good living doing so without having to scam people out of their money.

Here are some of the techniques used:

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has become a billion dollar industry. It is basically you as the business owner setting up a site to sell other people’s products and sharing the revenue with the maker of that product.

Google Ads

This is where you set up a site on any chosen topic and feature Google ads on your site. You earn money whenever someone clicks on those ads. The ads can be in image form or simple text or they can also be in the form of flash videos.

Your Own Services And Products

Of course you can also earn money from selling your own services and products. This can be in any area at all. Cooking, writing, sewing, photography. That is the beauty of the internet. It is used by billions and you will always have a market for what you are selling. The job is basically that you have to find that market and be able to sell your product to them and that takes a degree of skill.